Tournaments 2012

The winners . . .



Men’s Singles
Michael King
Sam Fabisz
Ladies Singes
Molly Carter
Helen Haynes
Men’s Doubles
Michael King & David Haynes
Ben Carter& Ben Croker
Ladies Doubles
Molly Carter & Helen Haynes
Sue Pandey & Maureen King
Mixed Doubles
Stella Sage & Sam Fabisz
Senior Boys
Sam Burry
Tommy McCarthy
Junior Boys
Ryan Batsford
Ben Casey
Senior Girls
Maya Pandey
Ellie Norman
Junior Girls
Annabel McCarthy
Melissa Riggs


The ladder competition is currently on hold and will, hopefully, be resurrected next year.The ladder is intended to be a fun and informal opportunity to challenge any other member to a game of singles.

  • Any club member can join, please contact Tim Perry by text to 0750 1239771, email or phone 01480 496918
  • New participants will be added to the bottom of the ladder


  • You can challenge anyone in the ladder, regardless of position
  • If the higher ranked player wins, the positions remain the same
  • If the lower ranked player wins, the lower ranked player takes the position of the higher ranked player and the higher ranked player drops just one place
  • If you don’t play a match in the calendar month, you will drop one place on the 1st of the next month
  • In each match, the players themselves decide how many games/sets to play – the choice is yours!
  • The results of matches should be reported to Tim as soon after the match as possible so that the ladder on the website may be updated.

When to play

  • Ladder matches can be played on any day where there is a court free.
  • Wednesday nights will be made available for ladder matches with free floodlights for this purpose. During the summer, club night will have priority, but if courts are available, ladder matches may be played alongside.  This can also be the case on Sunday mornings and during other “club sessions”

  • Challenges should be made to individuals (contact details are available from Tim) or an “open” challenge could be made on the website message board (e.g. “Does anyone fancy a ladder match on Saturday afternoon”)
  • If you arrange a game for Wednesday evening during the winter, let Tim know to ensure the lights can be turned on
  • Look out regularly for updates or challenges on the website message board!

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