Juniors – site to be updated as of June 2012

Junior Coaching

To join, contact John Fabisz or Jane Carter to join at any time throughout the year. You do not have to be a member.

See timetable for juniors coaching on Fridays and Saturdays.

One hour group coaching sessions on Fridays and Saturdays cost £3.50 for members and £3.80 non members.

We use the mini tennis system with various transition balls on Friday, progressing up to green and yellow balls on Saturdays.

Groups of approx 10 children are arranged depending on ability and age, coaches’ discretion and child/parent consultation.

Coaching Sessions


COACH: John Fabisz plus 1-3 junior assistants

3.30pm ages 4-6yrs

4.30 pm ages 5-7yrs

5.30 pm ages 6-9yrs


COACHES: John Fabisz and/or Brian Brown (Depending on group sizes)
plus coaching assistant Gary Yates and a junior assistant

9am 8-12yrs

10am 10-15yrs girls

11.15am 13-15 yrs

12.15pm 14-18yrs

Childrens Tennis Coaching Summer Camps

Needingworth TBA

Hemingford TBA

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