Needingworth Tennis Club at Tim’s House
Monday 24th February 2014

Attendees: Tim Perry, Mark Balaam, Gary Yates, Clive Quick, JohnFabisz, Jane Carter, Helen Haynes

No matters arising from meeting 12th September 2013 or from AGM held 22nd September 2014

Key change
Action: Mark to contact Brian Northwood to propose we change locks for weekend 21/22nd March.
Action: Mark to send email out to membership to tell them of key-change date.
Action: Mark to send Jane updated membership form for website.

Wimbledon Tickets
13th April – BBQ, tennis & Wimbledon Draw.
Bring a friend.
Action: Tim to send out email to membership and other groups in village.
Action: Mark to let Jane know how draw was done last year.

Action: Gary to talk to Brian Mutter about treating courts for moss.
Action: Gary to see if he can get another lights key.

Action: Jane to update and publish new site.
Action: Clive to inform Jane & Tim of how to access emails received into info@needingworthtennis

Upcoming dates
11th October Quiz Night – Action:Helen to confirm booking.
Helen & Jane happy to organise again.
Manor House trip very successful. Probably make it a biennial trip.

John is looking at getting some of the young ones to help with coaching – Ben, Ben, Adam and Molly? Coaching starting 14/3?

Captains as per the agenda
Look into the format of the Cambridge Summer League

Club Tennis
Huntingdon friendlies no go.
Singles Ladder – Action: Mark to look at
Action – All to have a think about club tournament format

Simon Russell at Swavesey; Holywell Parent Mail; Ivo PE teachers. Action: Jane to update poster with some different photos. Try to use email as much as possible.

AGM Cambs – John and Jane to attend
Play and Pay £5 and £5 deposit – have no recollection what this was about – it must have been late!

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